Fancy trying your hand at farming, bees and more signs of spring

Strange days, strange weather, sun wind and rain, we are all eagerly waiting for and noticing signs of spring. Dulwich and Sydenham woods, South London's oldest woodland is right on our doorstep. The woods are now covered with a dense white carpet of wood anemone and the dawn chorus has resumed. There was quite a cacophony across the road from Local Greens, in Brockwell park this morning. There are more signs of spring in the bags too with helda beans, cucumbers and new season salad and stir fry.

Bees are also starting to appear. Bees are one of nature's wonders. They pollinate plants while collecting their food. Honeybees do well in the city due to the variety of plants in the city ’s parks, railway sidings and tree-lined roads. They only eat nectar and pollen from flowering plants and trees, so remember the bees in your planting plan for your garden, balcony or window box, . There is lots of information on the Urban Bees website.

What has any of this got to do with your veg, you wonder. Well bees are important for farmers too. All the vegetables supplied by Local Greens are from farms that grow and rotate a mixture of crops to keep the soil fertile and use other natural methods to prevent disease and reduce pests. They work with nature rather than fight it. By supporting Local Greens you are helping to protect our environment. Thank you.

See recipes below if you are running out of ideas for the winter staples, a vacancy at Local greens and plenty of volunteering opportunities.

Photo Credit: Jonny Hughes @jonny2love
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