A big thank you to Pullens


Today we are saddened to share the news that Pullens, our most popular collection point, is closing and taking new ownership. 

Pullens has always been a hubbub of activity in Herne Hill and a great friend to Local Greens over the last 5 year's sharing in our ethos of responsible sourcing and great quality food. Its long history has seen it evolve from Pullens Dining Rooms in the Victoria era to a gent’s outfitters, a Danish and then French restaurant and then back to Pullens as we know it today through the ownership of Alan and Debi. 

Alan and Debi have made their mark on Herne Hill by providing employment and training opportunities to local teenagers in hospitality and helping to develop the station square market. In between running Pullens and keeping up his fishing hobby Alan has also found the time to act as chair to the Herne Hill Forum and take part in the Herne Hill Traders group and Safer Neighbourhood team. So we’d like to take this chance to thank Alan and Debi for their support of Local Greens and the community and wish them all the best in their next endeavours! 

For all our Pullens customers please see the Local Greens News section below which provides more details on the collection point going forwards.

Photo Credit: Jonny Hughes @jonny2love
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