Here I Go Again

Welcome back everyone! With lockdown 3.0 starting, we've got that 80s Hair Band classic "Here I Go Again," looping through our heads (or maybe you have a sunnier disposition and the Mamma Mia! remake is more your jam). The feeling of déjà vu to last March rather than a new year aside, Local Greens is here for you and in high spirits, ready to bring seasonal veg joy to peark up the bleak winter. Check out what we're looking ahead to this January.

We know that there are some veggies people can't enough of, and others you'd rather not know about. One person's kohlrabi is another person's treasure! We'd like to add swap boxes into many of the collection points to give you an option to switch out any item that doesn't tickle your fancy, leave it for someone else to use and combat waste. Great idea? Let us know if you'd use the box and we'll roll them out this month.

Get Cooking
We LOVE it when you show us your home cooking on social, and if you're cosying up inside, cooking up a feast, please share it with us. Tag @localgreensveg on social to show us your achievements - whether they be main meal successes or a little wonky around the edges, they all make us proud. We're thinking up something special later this winter to reward our most prolific home cooks, and everyone is welcome to join in.

For those aspiring chefs or anyone who wants to mix in a new recipe to their repertoire, our website has a recipe collection bursting with options. Never be stumped by a veggie again. Use our "search by ingredient" option and find out how to turn a daunting veg into a wondrous meal. 

Community Support
A reminder that we have a customer Facebook group for anyone to join who may need help with collections. There's friendly banter and helpful cooking suggestions as well. Send a request to join the group, we'll confirm you're a current customer, and you're in!

At Your Service
Local Greens is here for our customers. Should you have any difficulties with collections, bag contents or any other concerns, please do know we're an email, phone call or DM away. We want you to be happy and enjoy the lovely goodness we send you each week, and if anything doesn't put a smile on your face, we'd like to know. We're @localgreensveg on social, ring us at 07808 651665 or write to