Is It Spring Yet?!

Is It Spring Yet?!

The days have lightened up, and it's warmer outside, but the calendar still says February. We have weeks of staying at home to go, and many of us will agree that this last stretch may be the most difficult. However, knowing there is a faint light on the horizon and the promise of Spring a few weeks away can be a source of positivity that we’ll make it through. Gather your strength for the last hurrah of lockdown and winter gloom, and spend some time with useful tips or reading about when people had it much worse, but pressed on just the same.

Here’s our survival guide for the last weeks of Winter to get you to Spring:

If you’re looking for motivation to stay cozy and productive, here are eight tips for getting through winter months from the sustainability site Treehugger.

Maybe you haven’t quite figured our your winter fashion looks? The Oxford Royal Academy has a top list of (rather obvious) must haves to keep you warm.

The cold snap at the beginning of Feb was brutal, but surprisingly, it was nothing compared to what generations of Britons endured before. Read about how past winters caused rivers to freeze, sparked bread riots, and turned Nottingham into a ski destination!

Some customers may remember first hand how frigid the winter of 1962-63 was. It remains the coldest winter on modern record for much of the UK.

As if World War II was not bad enough, the winter of 1939-40 registered an average temperature of 3 degrees Celsius, and brought the most severe frost since the 19th century.

Finally, who can forget the Great Frost of 1709?! It caused an economic kerfuffle and trade chaos oddly similar to where we find ourselves today.

There are people who do unabashedly love the winter and may be sorry to see this time of year change. For the snow bunnies and chionophiles out there, you can admire this 1914 oil on canvas painting entitled Love of Winter, thanks to the Art Institute of Chicago. You may want to reminisce with Rick Steve’s travel guide about what our city was like when tourists bustled about, ice rinks dotted central spaces, and we were all bundled up, going about our business. Lastly, hear the tale of an avid mountain climber who, while scrabbling up a Highland peak, learned to stop worrying and love winter.

Mental health is certainly at the forefront of our concerns too these days. Scientific America has thoughts on applying disaster psychology to strengthen your pandemic mindset. The University of Texas also offers six ideas to boost your winter mood, while Healthline has seven ideas for coping with being cooped up.

Spring is nearly here, and all the new life and gorgeous veggies that come with it. We can all embrace these final weeks of Winter to be grateful for this time, and prepare ourselves for the new world outside.