Can I suspend / pause my veg bag?

Yes, if you are going away one week or need to pause your veg bag for awhile for example if you are going on holiday, have a new baby or job then you can suspend your bag until a later date.

  1. You need to suspend by Thursday midday for delivery the following week.
  2. Go to the homepage and go to log in in the top right corner.
  3. Log in using your username and password. This will bring up your account page.
  4. Click on the Holiday, Pause or Cancel box.
  5. Under New Suspension > What do you want to suspend? Select Whole delivery.
  6. This brings up 2 suspension options:
    Suspend until next delivery date i.e. you can suspend your veg bag for one week.
    Suspend for a range of dates i.e. choose when you want the suspension to start, you can plan this in up to 5 weeks in advance and then choose until when. If you don't know when you will revive your weekly veg bag leave this as n/a and you can update it later.
  7. Confirm which suspension you require. The suspension will show in the Holiday, Pause or Cancel homepage until you wish to remove the suspension
  8. You can remove the suspension by simply clicking the Remove suspension button.

If you register a suspension for the current month, your next direct debit will be adjusted to reflect the number of weeks you suspended your veg bag for. If your suspension is planned after your next direct debit, you will only pay for the bags you are getting that month. This assumes you register your holiday before the direct debit is taken.