How it all started

Local Greens was the idea of two eco-conscious Herne Hill mums, Jean & Therese. They wanted to provide their neighbourhood with organic or biodynamic seasonal veg grown as near as possible to SE London to ensure maximum freshness and minimum food miles. Therese met Maria from East Dulwich at a local food growing event who as a marketing professional was then approached to look after Local Greens’ communications and PR. Jane and Natasha also joined to look take on operations and community growing.

Together we have all researched, visited and set up a relationship with our farmers so that we have a working partnership. It is these small sustainable growers who supply most of the veg for our bags. We are a not for profit company and limited by guarantee.

Personnel have changed over time, with some moving on and others maintaining an advisory role on the board. We currently have five part-time staff and a pool of volunteers.

We are still passionate about healthy eating and sustainability.