How we choose our producers

All our producers are small-scale farmers who are either certified organic or spray free. We have visited all the farms and know the farmers personally.

The veg grown by small-scale operations has particular environmental and social benefits. Small-scale operations tend to be more labour intensive than large-scale ‘industrial’ operations, which are more fuel and machinery intensive. They often involve the employment of more local people and contribute more directly to the economic and social well being of the local area.

The ongoing practice of driving down the prices paid to farmers and producers in this country and the developing world has lead to untold hardship and negative consequences for the local and global environment. We must be prepared to pay farmers what they need in order to be able to produce food sustainably.

At Local Greens we have tried to make the food chain (i.e. the different parties involved in getting our food to us) is as short as possible and have developed a personal partnership with our growers. You can also visit some of our farms so you can see your food growing.

Photo Credit: Jonny Hughes @jonny2love
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