Other questions

What is the £5 charge for when I sign up
The £5 charge is a refundable bag deposit for the reusuable bags, that can be refunded when you leave the scheme.

I have a balance on my account, how do I get a refund ?
Please email us if you think you are due a refund and we will be in touch

how long until I get my refund
A refund can take 4-6 weeks to be received

what if I suspend a bag, what happens to the balance
Our charges are monthly at the start of the month. You can suspend a bag at any time and the balance will carry over to the next month. 

Why is my charge for this month more than last month
Some months have 5 thursdays, some 4, hence some months will cost more

Can I sign up as a fortnighly customer
Yes, just drop us an email to let us know you want this

What is your email address

Do I have to have an order every week? Or can I just order in those weeks when I want to?
You can be a weekly or fornightly customer and if you have holidays or are not around you can suspend a bag as long as you do it by the cut off points.

When I choose which bag to order, does it have to be same every week or can I choose which bag each time?
You can change your bag as long as you do so by the cut off point

When is the latest I can stop a bag
Thursday midday is the latest you can cancel a bag for the coming thursday

How do I cancel my account?
Give us your 1 month notice you wish to cancel by completing the permentanly delete my account form. Then we will calculate when your last bags are and send an email

Is my cancellation instant
We usually require 1 months notice to cancel your account. Please look for the cancellation email with details of when you will have your last bag.

Do I have to book a holiday every other week if I want my bag fortnightly?
Email us on info@localgreens.org.uk and we will set your bag to fortnightly for you.

Can I alternate my bag type from week to week?
Email us on  info@localgreens.org.uk and we will set that up

If I alternate my bag size, how do I know which bag I am getting each week?
The list at the collection point will tell you which bag you are getting that week. You can log into your account and look at 'my orders'. You can also tell from the email you get at the beginning of the month giving you the breakdown of your payment for that month.

Im going on holiday, can I pause my bag
log into your account and go to the pause/suspend bag to log a holiday

Can I customise my bag
Unfortunatly, we are unable to customise bags to personal preference

I have an allergy, can i remove an item
Please email us and we will see what we can do regarding your allergy.

Can I order a fruit bag only
a fruit bag is a supplmentary bag that can only be ordered with a veg bag.

What is the cheapest bag available
our smallest veg bag starts at just £8.25

How much does a fruit bag cost
a fruit bag costs £6

What is the largest bag you do
The veggie ++ bag is the biggest bag we supply

What day will  my bag be delivered
Bags are delivered on Thursdays and available for collection from 3pm (sometimes earlier depending on your collection point)

Can I collect my bag on sunday
We can only guarentee bags until close of business on Friday, as vegetables detiorate quicker in summer.

I forgot to cancel my bag and missed the cut off, will my bag go to waste
If you email us as soon as possible we will be able to take your bag to the foodbank (you will still be charged) if you have forgotten to cancel it.

I would like to volunteer to pack bags
Please email us if you would like to join us for veg packing. We pack on a Thursday morning from 9am to 12 noon.

I have arrived at my collection point and my name is not on the list
If your name is not on the list at the collection point you are not due a bag so please do not take one. Either call or email us and we can investigate

I have arrived at my collection point and my bag is missing
If you arrive at your collection point and your bag is missing, please email or ring to let us know

My bag was missing an item, what shall I do 
If your bag is missing an item, please email to let us know

When am I charged for my bags
Bags are charged on a monthly basis at the start of the month for the entire month

Can I pay for my bag weekly
Unfortunatly, we are unable to take weekly payments for bags

I sent an email and have had no reponse
We are a not for profit organisation with a small admin team who are in the office on thursdays, so although emails are monitered it can take up to 7 days to receive a response

What is your phone number, I have an urgent query
The mobile number is 07808 651 665 for urgent enquirires only

Can I change to a bigger or smaller bag
You can log into your online account and change your bag, any balance on your account will carry over to the next month or if it goes into debt it will be taken on the next direct debit.

Can I remove my fruit bag
You can log into your online account to remove a fruit bag

Can I add a fruit bag to my order
You can log into your online account to add a fruit bag

can i have a fornightly bag

Does the contents of the bag change each week
The items in the bag change from week to week with the exceptions of some staples. 

How do I find out whats in my bag
You can see whats in your bag on our website and in our newsletter which is sent out on thursdays

I have returned my reusuable bags, how do I get my £5 refunded
Once you have dropped off your last bag, email us to let us know together with your bank details (account no. and sort code) and we will issue a £5 refund

What shall I do with my reusuable bags now that Iam no longer a customer
Pease return your bags to any of our collection points

Is there an option to add weekly top ups
We would consider offering top ups to customers who opted to pick up from our arch in Herne Hill. Please email.

I've decided to get a bag every other week to ensure I don't end up with too much food
Please email and we will set your order to fortnightly on the system, so you don’t have to manage holidays.