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Apple pie bars – cinnamon flavored bars with a buttery crust, apple slices, custard and streusel topping

When cooled the bars are cut to enjoy a soft, moist cinnamon flavored bar.

Packed with flavour, these vegan corn burgers are healthy and seriously satisfying

These fresh collard greens are simmered away in a rich chicken broth infused with flavors from fresh onions, garlic, red pepper flakes, and that smokey, salty turkey leg

A creamy (and vegan) pasta sauce!

Buttered sweetcorn and squash

Use the best quality ricotta you can find for this. Serves six, as a starter or part of a mezze platter, along with good bread.

Swiss chard tart

Squash, chickpea, chard/spinach/spring green curry

Red Rudolph Potatoe Mash

This colourful Lebanese salad of roasted aubergine, peppers, pomegranate and a sweet and spicy dressing makes a mouth-watering treat for two.

Choose you own favourite British tomatoes for this wonderful salad – try a combination of Beef, Large Vine, Classic, Baby Plum or Cherry – just aim to choose 3 varieties with a size or shape variat