broad beans

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We've been experimenting with the Veggie++ and here's what we've made. A very simple yet satisifying recipe which takes only a few moments to prepare.Read more

Broad Bean patéRead more

This simple spring salad combines broad beans with mint, garlic, lemon and cheese for a bright and fresh dish

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Broad beans with pearl barley and fetaRead more

Quick, tasty with contrasting textures.

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Incredible smashed peas and broad beans on toastRead more

New potato salad with broad beans

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Salad of new potatoes with pancetta, broad beans and mint

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A sumptious fish dish that makes the most of seasonal veg, with a hint of the Caribbean. Dauphinoise or mashed potato make an excellent accompaniment.Read more

Pasta and broad bean carbonaraRead more

Pasta with broad beans, rocket, and fetaRead more


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