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Bean and Chard SoupRead more

Chard and chickpea delightRead more

This reciepe was first posted by our friends over at Growing Communities. It looks delicious and fitting for a meal with friends.Read more

Mac and Cheese with ChardRead more

For an easy midweek dinner, mix mushrooms with blue cheese, gnocchi and spinach. A no-fuss meal and it's nutritious, too, counting as two of your 5-a-dayRead more

Thanks to Antoinette, who is part of our amazing packing team. This receipe is a variation on stuffed vine leaves and is defintely one to try.

Read more

An easy way to feed a crowd, this punchy dish of winter greens with pine nuts, chilli and garlic is ready in just 20 minutes.Read more

Photo Credit: Jonny Hughes @jonny2love
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