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A recipe from Anna Jones that combines comfort of potatoes and cream with the tart rhubarb and earthy beetroot. A pleasantly surprising trio for a gratin.Read more

This delicious juicy cake is made with an enriched soda bread dough. You can vary the fruit with the seasons.Read more

Spiced rhubarb makes a vibrant relish beside tender sliced duck breast and glossy red cabbage.Read more

Pan fried mackerel with pickled rhubarbRead more

Although Brussels are a beloved Christmas side dish, sprouts features in our veg bags well into March. A brilliant local chef - Fatima Tarkleman - combines them with the lively

...Read more

Rhubarb and almond crumbleRead more

Turn your spring rhubarb into a delicious rhubarb and almond loaf cake!Read more

A perfect dessert for everything we love about rhubarb, apples, flapjacks and crumbles.Read more

Rhubarb Ginger Bars are sweet and tart with a side of spice.Read more

A delicious veg curry with an unsuspecting addition - rhubarb!Read more

This is also known as Spring Fool. The rhubarb can be mixed with other fruit pulps such as apple, plum, gooseberry and raspberry.

Read more

The taste of Seville and South East England together for a bright and tangy flavour!Read more


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