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A delicious, light meal that features all of autumn's greatest hits.Read more

Beetroot, mackerel and goats cheese saladRead more

This simple spring salad combines broad beans with mint, garlic, lemon and cheese for a bright and fresh dish

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Cauliflower and cherry tomato salad, crunchy and sweet!Read more

Summer says hello in this flavourful, colourful and warm courgette salad, with creamy textures from the burrata and crunch from homemade croutons.Read more

The trick of this salad is to slice the courgette as thinly as possible, a mandoline works best.

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Broccoli lovers rejoice: this crispy salad serves up broccoli topped with a crispy, spicy coating. It's accompanied with mixed grains, mint and rocket

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Flambéed chicken liver salad with Purple MangetoutRead more

Beetroot and pasta is a lovely combination, but for a change try this lovely summer pasta recipe using Golden Beetroot. This sunny coloured vegetable has a slightly milder flavour than the regular...Read more

Sounds crazy but avoids waste! Any kind of potato and any salad greens, including lettuce, rocket, spinach, and watercress, will work fine.Read more

Mushroom risotto gets an upgrade with earthy Jerusalem artichokes and a crunchy Parmesan crisp. Divine.

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A bright and flavourful pesto for salad by Park's Edge Bar and Kitchen, based in Herne HillRead more


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