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A delicious, light meal that features all of autumn's greatest hits.Read more

A gorgeous layered pie, which is great to serve with potatoes on an autumnal day.Read more

Baked Golden Nugget SquashRead more

Summer baked squash recipeRead more

The leaves and seeds of coriander bring a hint of citrus and a pleasant aroma to this vegan stew. The flavours improve over time, so it's a great one to make the day before eating.Read more

A creamy (and vegan) pasta sauce!

Read more

The squash flavour is really, really subtle and makes it quite moist so will last for four or five days and still taste fresh.Read more

Creamy Winter Squash SoupRead more

Gratin of pumpkin or squashRead more

Fish pie is usually topped with a puree of white potatoes, but swap white potatoes for orange squash or sweet potatoes, and it turns out that the mild brininess of the fish is fantastic with the...Read more

Jean has made this week's weather all that more bearable with this stunning red lentil soup, a fantastic blend of Hodmedod lentils and Local Greens veg!Read more

A hearty soup of leftover vegetables and Hodmedod's organic naked barleyRead more


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