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A healthy dip to have with crackers, within a salad or with bruschetta.Read more

This is an authentic curry side dish in which the vegetables are coated in sauce and spices.

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Beans with corn and pumpkinRead more

This is a good use for all the bits of veg that fall to the bottom of your veg basket. The messy bit is preparing the beetroot, wear gloves and an apron, the resulting colour and flavour of the...Read more

Quick vegan curry, that is very tasty.Read more

These spicy filo pies are ideal for a lunch with salad or as part of a buffet.Read more

Traditional beetroot soupRead more

A light refreshing salad filled with fresh herbs, veggies, and heart healthy bulgur.Read more

Cavolo nero with pasta and pestoRead more

Chard and chickpea delightRead more

Courgette 'meatballs'Read more

Courgette 'meatballs'

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