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Carmine-coloured and speckled with cumin seeds a side dish which makes a vibrant addition to any curry.Read more

You can make a soup out of almost anything – as this simple soup aptly demonstrates.

It takes something of a leap of faith to believe that such unpromising ingredients as the tired outer...Read more

This recipe won 3rd prize in Local Greens' Redeem the Swede competition.Read more

Fennel a la Greque

Read more

Habanero Hot SauceRead more

Split peas make a wonderfully satisfying dal, prepared in much the same way as the classic chana dal (made with split chickpeas) of India. The peas give a smoother texture than chickpeas but it’s...Read more

Full of flavour this ketchup sauce will be great on home-cooked burgers! Store in an airtight container in the fridge and you can even freeze it.

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An Ottolenghi creation that is a perfect mix of hot and cold. Make sure the tomatoes are straight out of the oven and the yoghurt is straight out of the fridge.Read more

Great to put into a sandwich, eat with tortilla chips or have with eggs.Read more

This soup is so utterly delicious and versatile. Season with chilli, garlic, etc..Read more

A warming bowl of minestrone is always a cheery sight on a cold night. This soup is an excellent way to use up any vegetables you have about. It's a classic version of the Italian soup by Antonio...Read more

Vegetarian mushroom suet puddingRead more


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