Terms & Conditions for our reusable bag scheme

Terms & Conditions  

Why we are switching to reusable bags. We, as well as our community, felt time was up for plastic bags. The reusable bag scheme was put forward to all customers in a survey in October 2017. Feedback from customers both on the switch to a reusable bag and the cost associated with the switch was positive. From the poll it was evident that customers would be happy to support a one-off contribution payment 


How does it work? As a non-profit our profits are used to pay our staff fair wage, and our suppliers a fair price. By asking for a contribution towards reusable bags we can deliver a much-needed change in our packaging, stay true to our sustainability beliefs whilst ensuring that the same level of financial support flows to the farms we work with. 


Why only now? We are not a largescale organisation but a local not-for-profit which supports the local community. Part of that community commitment is making smart choices around environmental issues. We are committed to making meaningful changes though progress can sometimes be slower than we would like -whether that be for logistical or financial reasons. The switch to reusable bags has been a major priority for us, we are happy that it has come to fruition and hope that now it is here our customers are happy to support the scheme. 


Why a £5 contribution? This contribution supports getting the bags into circulation. It is a one off charge which is matched by Local Greens. The ongoing cost of weekly collection, washing and sorting each bag type and size, damage, loss, repair and renewal will also be covered by Local Greens. 


Is this scheme an opt in? No, with change there are cost implications therefore this scheme is compulsory. We do not want to raise the price of the vegetable and fruit bags as we want to be clear that the cost is not related to the vegetables and fruit but to the logistical change associated with providing an eco-friendly bag offer. 


What happens when I leave the scheme? On leaving the scheme you can ask for the full amount to be reimbursed, this will happen on the condition that all bags have been returned. Alternatively, if you are happy to leave a bit of your contribution within the scheme then you can ask for a denomination of the £5 to be returned.  


How is the contribution processed?  We would never charge an account without permission and as a such we include a message on the registration page as well publicly on this page. 


What happens if I join the scheme and after a month decide to leave? We believe that everyone deserves to try our scheme and therefore if you do and feel after a month of being with us that the scheme is not for you then we will reimburse. However, if you come back to the scheme at any point then the charge will be applied once more and you will not be reimbursed a second time. If on the other hand you leave the scheme without being reimbursed and then re-join, we will not charge you again. 


Keeping in touch. We would like to hear your thoughts on this scheme, and if anything is unclear or you have any unanswered questions then please do contact the team at info@localgreens.org.uk