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  • "Congratulations on such a wonderful scheme. Your website is brilliant, it's so informative." 
  • "I am absolutely delighted with my mixed bag of vegetables each week and think it's very good value for money. The vegetables are so fresh and taste amazing. I feel as though I have just picked them straight from the field!"
  • "I recommend beetroot and feta soup- absolutely delicious!"
  • "...we are very impressed with the idea, organisation and especially the qualiity of the veg - well done!"
  • "We're loving our veg bags; my husband ate half the peppers last week straight from the bag!"
  • "I have been very impressed by the quality of the veg."
  • "I can wholeheartedly recommend the Local Greens organic veg scheme. It works for me in so many different ways. Practically the veg bags are always there waiting for collection at my local pub. Every week ( I am on my 9th week now ) I feel a sense of excitement and anticipation wondering what will be in them. Yes, I realise I could look on the site but I don't because I enjoy the surprise. The quality of the produce has been consistently high...everything is very fresh and most importantly it tastes so good...I was particularly impressed by the sweet carrots and the squashes...and overall these veg are far tastier than supermarket organic veg."
  • "Getting a different bag of veg every week has challenged me to become more creative with my cooking. I think I had got into the awful supermarket mentality of seeing all the veg there in various packs every week  but somehow NOT seeing it and just going on automatic to buy the same old things week in week out."
  • "It is a joy to be genuinely eating seasonally...my first bags had tomatoes and peppers...now there are many more root veg. But last week there was an amazing salad bag with unusual strongly flavoured leaves which was great."
  • "I am eating vegetables now that I have ignored for years. I am currying, steaming and roasting every week and eating more veg as a result of this scheme."
  • "Incidentally, I have not had any coughs colds or flu yet...and I wonder if my healthier diet is contributing to better health and well being. Difficult to prove but I feel that I have been very well since I joined the scheme and upped my vegetable intake."
Photo Credit: Jonny Hughes @jonny2love
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