Why do you use plastic?

We have made great steps in reducing our use of plastic packaging. In March 2018 we moved our veg bags to 100% reusable bags. From the supply side we continue to work with Ripple Farm and Sarah Green Organics to make the transition to plastic-free packaging. Both farms address the issues surrounding a plastic-free transition and comment on the challenges they face. To access their views, polices and information on plastic packaging click on the links below.

Sarah Green Organics
Ripple Farm

Our focus is twofold, we want to maintain and preserve the quality and freshness of any veg which requires non-permeable packaging e.g. mixed salad and leafy greens. Secondly, we aim to reduce our environmental impact by minimising our use and being selective in the choice of packaging material we use.

You will see that we are using pulp-packaging for the fruit and behind the scenes we are testing fully compostable packaging. We’ve set up a group with other London veg box schemes to find a completely compostable packaging option. This collaboration allows us to find a way to maximise our buying power around plastic-free packaging in turn reducing the increase in costs to the veg service we supply.  For a local scheme like ours change can take time, logistically and financially we feel change more than larger box schemes -that said we are 100% committed to making this change.