Collection points

Collection points are a cornerstone of Local Greens. We partner with like-minded local businesses to serve as pick-up points for your veg bags to keep our carbon footprint low, and to support and engage our community. We're all about local people after all!

We have a variety of venues across Lambeth and Southwark, ranging form pubs, cafes and shops to allotments and community centres. They're friendly places that would love for you to stop and have a chat, a pint or coffee, or pick up a few bits of shopping while you're stopping by for your bag. Have a look at each post code below for our nearest collection point in your neighbourhood.  

Our bags are dropped off every Thursday and available to collect from 3pm until the venue closes on Friday evening. Individual collection point times will vary, so be sure to read through the details carefully before deciding which one is most convenient for you. Our fruit and veg can't wait to get home to you, so we do advise collection as soon as possible to maximise freshness quality.

We guarantee bags to be available until close of business on Friday. Remember, the collection points are our partners and are not responsible for the bags. If you ever encounter any issues, give us a ring at 07808 651665 or email at and we'll sort any issues out as quickly as possible.